Jewelry For Your Soul

Designer Lori Kressel


Born in New York City, Lori Kressel has been involved in fashion and design since she was a teenager.  Lori has a natural ability in creating trendy, fashionable and cutting edge looks in everything she puts together.  Blending her spiritual beliefs and talent for design, Lori created a piece of jewelry that is so versatile, easy to wear and travel with, and creates a special meaning and intention for the wearer. As Lori states, “I created Spiritual Ties so we can all be reminded of our spiritual connection to ourselves and to others.  Spiritual Ties creates community on so many different levels.”   Her latest addition to the Spiritual Ties line, the Angel Collection adorned with a crystal angel wing, is a reminder of the gentleness and grace that angels bring into our lives. Spiritual Ties is a perfect gift for yourself, loved one, friend or anyone in your life who needs a little inspiration and wants to look great! 
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